The Road Walk

Welcome! ‘The Road Walk’ is a small intimate group of seven like-minded individuals, with the goal of resting, reflecting and recharging.

The Walk itself is approximately 6.4 miles, starting and ending at the Macdonald Hill Valley Hotel. You will see some great sights along the way! One of which is a small village called Marbury (see pictures below), this quiet and quaint little gem is located 3.8 miles from Whitchurch.

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Safety First

Safety is a priority. You will see some beautiful areas, however, the roads are country roads, which makes them quite narrow by design. They are quiet 90% of the time, however, there will always be that chance encounter to watch out for, so pay attention.

I do encourage friendly interaction, but please beware of your surroundings and one another.

Mobile phones are welcome for emergencies and performance tracker apps ONLY.

Music, texting and idly browsing your phone is NOT advised.

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How Fit Should I Be?

The walk itself is gradient heavy, there’s a mixture of steep hills, declines and level terrain. For your safety, if you’re attending post surgery or if you’re recovering from a serious injury, then please consider visiting your health care provider before you commit. Similarly, if you have been inactive for some time or smoke like a chimney you may struggle with this level of intensity.

Just to be clear, the walk is NOT a race, march or coronary event.

The goal is to enjoy yourself, not push your limits of endurance.

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The Early Bird (Starting Times)

The Sunday walk start time will vary from season to season. For example, Spring walks will have a start time of 6am, while Winter times will be pushed to around 8am. Early mornings peak in June/July then steadily drop as we enter the latter part of the year.

Start times will be updated regularly.

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The Route in Pictures

(High Resolution Clickable Images)

The following images of the route are in sequence.

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 Beverages and Snacks (Energy Requirements)

Energy levels will fluctuate during the activity, I ask that you keep yourself hydrated and adequately fed. A breakfast chockfull of slow releasing complex carbohydrates will help keep you adequately fuelled to prevent your mood and energy levels from crashing. For example, Oats are a great complex carb source for your slow release energy requirements.

Energy drinks and sugary treats are not recommended and should only be used for quick short-term energy release solutions. Consuming these sugary gifts will affect your mood and performance in the long-term.

Simple sugars and caffeine will be more of hinderance than a help.

Please bear in mind that toilets are non-existent.

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  • Yourself
  • Snack and Water
  • Comfortable Footwear
  • Suitable Clothing
  • Progress/Performance Device (optional)
  • An Open Mind

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Please remember:

  • Respect other walkers
  • Leave your egos in the carpark
  • It is not a race
  • Good vibes
  • Keep your moaning to a minimum
  • Enjoy your walk

If you have any issues during the walk, just let me know.

Interested in taking the plunge? Want further information? Then drop me a message.

You can contact me by clicking Contact Me or email:

I look forward to hearing from you!

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